Optimize the operational cost and boost your earnings by 40%

Renew your subscriptions based on real usage and never overspend on what you don’t use.

Oversubscription of software licenses costing enterprises 28% more than a real operational expense

Identifying the unique user footprint and renewing the subscription every year is not easy without tools to measure.

The Flowtrack Advantage

✔ Review the insights on the productive and non-productive usage hours with the software resources.

✔ Licensed software usage shall be easily viewed in real-time, thus giving you a holistic view of renewals.

✔ Quickly review the usage metric of on-premise and SaaS-based licenses.

Actionable Insights

Roster productivity insights

Identifying the efficiency and adjusting the seating capacity seamlessly with the roster insights at a team level.

Asset Usage Analytics

Weekly tracking of software usage and aggregated reports for quick identification of unused assets

Don’t waste another minute

Keep budgets, teams, and projects on track with better time tracking from FlowTrack

Eliminate assumptions out of the
distributed workforce