Protecting the security of the information in your possession is your obligation.

Overlooking confidential data needs a solid framework to shield them from potential business threats.

Data breach events are not uncommon

In 2015, Due to a data breach, Regulatory fines pinched the pockets of AT&T with a huge number of $25 million.

According to the Ponemon data breach impact study, 65% of IT companies lose their trust with end customers due to data breaches.

According to a Verizon study, 69% of survey respondents would refuse to engage with the company with a data breach history.

Average annual cost of an insider threat for global enterprises are approximately $1.725 Trillion.

Global enterprises are

✔ challenged to protect sensitive business data

✔ loosing billions in intellectual property theft

✔ unable to mitigate the risk of data breaches

The Flowtrack Advantage

✔ Digital asset movements are tracked for user actions

✔ Critical alerts are presented to management for risky actions

✔ Proactive monitoring mode assists in identifying the inappropriate action by any individuals in the organization

Data loss prevention

Data breach mitigation simplified

Sources and actions are tracked with the digital asset path for easy identification and prevention.

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