Smart data-driven approach to motivate your employees

Flowtrack observes the user activity on business resources during business hours and helps to get real-time insights that impact the balance sheet.

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Distractions are here to divert our goals

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Witness the spike in performance with a data-driven approach to rewards

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A disengaged workforce will exponentially reduce the productivity

More than 53% of employees say they have watched videos on video-sharing sites (Source: Pew

We are getting more than enough alerts – Average person in US views his phone 52 times a day (Source: Entrepreneur India)

The Flowtrack advantage

✔ Productivity analytics to assess the trend in employee engagement

✔ Real-time rewards and recognition

✔ Data-driven qualitative assessment

✔ Support the workforces proactively with real-time engagement data.

How does it help?

Activity Tracker

Keystrokes and mouse activity gives insights into how busy a user is on a specific day

Random Screenshots

Random screenshots with the option to blur them for sensitive data capture is an astute feature.

Apps & URLs Tracker

Apps and URL usage tracked with title and time spent on each session.

Time Tracker

FlowTrack records active and productive time during business hours.

Don’t waste another minute

Keep budgets, teams, and projects on track with better time tracking from FlowTrack

Eliminate assumptions out of the
distributed workforce