Team Management isn’t difficult anymore.

Analyze every factor that affects the organization’s productive outcome. Get the real data trends to make informed decisions.

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Is your performance assessment factual?

Misleading data combined with human bias factors shall prove dearer to assess the workforce’s performance. Transparency is the key to review any candidate’s progress.

Insights for action

Flowtrack shall provide you a comprehensive dashboard of insights to assess any individual employee or a project team.

✔ Actual employee’s productivity data measured against organizational goals and targets.

✔ Insights help managers to reward employees in real-time with zero bias.

✔ Productive usage of apps and URLs tracked against organization expectation.

Insights to get your team thriving

Review the analytical and real-time data for data-driven decisions. Identifying the engagement level at the organization level and proactively addressing the issue saves huge operational costs.

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Don’t waste another minute

Keep budgets, teams, and projects on track with better time tracking from FlowTrack

Eliminate assumptions out of the
distributed workforce